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As the last days of winter make way for spring, many homeowners are starting to think about spring and summer home projects they'll take on this year. For many, it'll be a new deck for entertaining friends and neighbors.

When it comes to building materials, wood is an obvious choice, but with wood decks come a fair amount of annual upkeep and maintenance. Composite decking has also become quite popular in recent years, giving a very similar look to wood, but with the advantage of much less maintenance.

Those looking for a maintenance friendly, waterproof decking material could go with fiberglass or vinyl decking, but maybe you're looking for something unique that will set your house apart from all the others on the block, such as the elegant look of ceramic tile or natural stone.

Tile is not generally used in outdoor applications and especially in extreme climates due to the fact that temperature fluctuations and many other factors can damage the product over time, and make it a maintenance nightmare. To effectively lay tile on any exterior surface, you'll need to first lay down a waterproof non-fracture membrane. This is where Duradek comes in.

Duradek International has specialized in quality vinyl decking membranes for over 30 years, and has been a popular choice for homeowners looking for a quality deck that will stand up to the elements, is easy to install, maintain, and remain leak free.

Recently Duradek launched a brand new product called Tiledek, a 60 mm thick, non-fracture waterproof membrane, designed to lay on top of the substrate before laying tile down, to combat the expansion and contraction of wood substrates due to outdoor temperature fluctuations, which would otherwise result in cracked grout lines, and damaged tile surfaces.

It's recommended that whenever laying tile or stone, your ideal substrate should be: ¾ inch plywood covered with ½ inch cement board for a total 1 ¼ inch substrate. Tiledek is comprised of a very dense PVC membrane that will not compress, even under intense heat, and when installed over a proper substrate, will act as a stable platform for tile, and provide ideal waterproofing and protection from the elements. The membrane is completely compatible with thin-set mortars and grouts and will not cause any staining.

Those familiar with Duradek vinyl membranes will notice that Tiledek is remarkably similar to the roofing grade Duradek product, the one exception being that rather than having a dimpled or textured top surface, Tiledek has a fibrous surface which ensures a strong bond between the membrane and mortar. Tledek is also an ideal option for renovating a deck over a living space or attached garage, as Tiledek is a roofing grade membrane.

Remember, when it comes to laying down Duradek products including Tiledek, leave it to the professionals as this is not a DIY type item. Give us a call for your free estimate.

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