Grading Certificates

Make sure you have your grading certificate prior to A Better Landscaper working on your project.

In 2004 the City of Calgary introduced a lot grading bylaw which requires Builders to submit a grading plan of your home to the City. This bylaw was implemented to ensure that proper water drainage away from your home and adjoining homes is maintained. Your lot grading is designed to allow moisture to drain away from your home but not onto adjacent lots. In order to meet these requirements builders are required to complete all of the pre-grading, top soil, sidewalk, parking pad and sod prior to any other landscaping upgrades to your yard. These upgrades include garages, retaining walls, decks, fences and any other changes which will alter the grades. A Better Landscaper suggests you do not undertake any upgrades to your landscaping until the builder has verification that your grading has been approved.

Once you have received your grading certificate from your builder you are cleared to proceed with your landscape project with A Better Landscaper.

Please keep in mind that you, as the homeowner, are responsible for maintaining the approved grade. If you, or another contractor makes alterations to the grading around your home in future landscaping projects, and you do experience flooding, the consequences of this alteration will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

A Better Landscaper strongly recommends that you maintain proper grading in any future landscaping projects to avoid any damage to your home or possible future litigation with adjacent homeowners.

Good luck with your project and have fun.

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